Am I ready?

Of course!  The genius behind Zlaya's style is that your physical capabilities will tailored to, so no matter what level of fitness you're at, you can improve from THAT point, and not some calculated estimate of where you "should" be.   We don't want you to injure yourself, that's bad.  Therefore, your training is geared toward expanding your current ability to obtain a higher level of fitness, and not forcing your body past its capabilities to grow.

What makes Zlaya different from any other trainer?

In one word: history.  Not only does he know how the body works, and the exact forms to maximize your results, he has enhanced European education and experience from years of work in the field.  This allows him to already know what will work for you so you waste no time figuring out a "solution."

What's so special about "European" techniques?

During the time Zlaya studied at the university of Novi Sad, he learned that there must be a balance between discipline and comfort from the culture he was surrounded by.  The result of this education and culture is the European difference: a highly polished and sophisticated physical fitness expert.